Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 13th March

Hiya! On today’s show we talked about when a friend or family member last surprised you.

This is because I went to the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea at the weekend & purchased 2 pieces of art. Apparently this surprised JK as he didn’t think I was the ‘art collecting type’. He was even more surprised that I actually knew what I was talking about. I guess that’s a compliment…of sorts!
Anyway, you can have a look at one of the pieces on the Heart London Facebook page. It’s a lovely, sparkly-mosaic Red London bus by a pop artist called Marty Thornton & I love it! So – we asked you, when were you last surprised by a friend or family member?
Amy - My husband Tony surprised me 2 weeks ago he wrote on Facebook I wonder how long it will take my wife to notice this.. I just booked us a trip to Rome in July :)))
Bob - Hi JK & Lucy on my 50th birthday, I got a birthday card from West Ham football club signed by the players! I have supported them all my life. What I didn’t know was, my girlfriend had written to them!
Amanda - My lovely husband to be went out today and got me a new DS White! Thank you Rick!
Stephen - For my girlfriends 21st I told her we were going to Longleat Zoo. Told her on her actual birthday that we were actually going to Disneyland Paris for the weekend. Never seen her look so shocked! Stephen
Sandy - My son and daughter gave me a surprise party for my 50th birthday on Christmas Eve. I thought i was going for a Chinese.
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, when we’ll be asking you – what’s your Party Piece?
See you then!
Lucy xxx