Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 14th August

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a fab day! On today’s show we were talking about ridiculous names for shops & businesses.

This came about because my best friends husband owns a fish & chip called ‘The Cods Scallops’! So, we asked you – what’s the most random & funniest business name you’ve come across?
Karl - There is a drain and sewers company I've seen called Suck-Cess :)
Sue - My local hairdressers is called Hairpin Bend.
Penny - I drive past a van every day for a locksmiths called 'Sherlock your Holmes' Makes me giggle every time!
Tom - Wok You Like, Chinese takeway, every time they answer I’ts "hello wok you like"!
Ritch - "Spruce Springclean " cleaners..
Cropey-Cooke & Swan family - Indian restaurant called Poppadom Preach. Hairdressers called Curl Up & Dye!
Rich & Kieron – Frying Nemo

My personal favourite was a Printers called ‘Alan Cartridge’. Amazing. Just amazing.
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx