Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 16th

Hiya! So, today we wanted to know about the one thing you can never say ‘NO’ to! I could never say No to my gorgeous 1 year old nephew, Max. He’s just the cutest little guy ever!

What can you never say ‘NO’ to? Here’s my top 5!
Emma - Chocolate cake. They seriously need to take if off restaurant menus if I'm ever going to have a chance of saying no to it...
Sharron - I never say no to my Mum, she's the BOSS!
Jonathan - I can never say no to A cup of tea:)
Georgie - When my 2-year old says 'please'! He says it in the sweetest way and I find it really hard to say no, especially as he remembered to say it in the first place!
Yasmin - Hi JK and Lucy! I can never say no to food! I'll eat a whole meal, be full and if im offered something else I wont say no. Diets are not my friend!!
We’re back tomorrow from 6am – filling in for Jamie & Emma on Heart Breakfast. (We can’t quite believe they’re letting us do it either…)
JK’s promised not to break anything…..uh-oh!
See you from 6am!
Lucy xxx