Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 18th June

Hiya! Pheeeewwww, what a scorcher it’s been today!! Sticky though. Can’t complain however, at least it’s warm!


So, on today’s show we asked you this –




What stuff do you own that you have spotted on TV?






Tracy - My sofa is in the B&B on Eastenders, my wallpaper is in Jean's bedroom in the Queen Vic, & my friend Jayne has a coat that Pat wore before she pegged it!




Claire - I had a floral dress that I spotted Kat Slater on Eastenders wearing & never wore it again!




Helen - My parents have a plastic pineapple ice bucket seen on Only Fools & Horses!




Angela - My sister used to have same clock as the Slaters in Eastenders!




Kathy - I have seen bedding that I have on Homes Under The Hammer more than once.




Kathryn - Have the same print above my sofa as Ian Beale in Eastenders.




Hayley - Gail in Corrie has a pic my mum has on her wall, Fiz had a pic same as one I had and someone in Eastenders used to have the same crockery set as me!




Oliver - When Kanye West wore that denim jacket with the grey sleeves & hood in the video for 'Stronger', people started coming up to me asking where I got the Kanye jacket from... I'd had it for a whole year before that video came out!!! I'm clearly Kanye's trend setter!




We also discovered something amazing that we’ve popped on Facebook. It’s the most hilarious set of exam answers you will EVER see. If you need a good old chuckle this evening, head over to the Heart London Facebook page…..




We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm,




See you then!






Lucy xxx