Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 18th September

Hiya! So, randomly, today we decided to ask you to complete this sentence….. I lost my tooth because…..

Lisa - I lost my tooth because..... When I was 7 my pet goat butted my tooth out. I went running to mum, saying Billy had made my tooth bleed. And she said" what tooth!" I had to write a letter to the tooth fairy to explain why I couldn't find the tooth to put under the pillow.
Sally - I broke my two front teeth when I did a backwards somersault in a swimming pool with my mouth open and scraped them on the grout between the pool tiles. Not sure what upset me more... Breaking my teeth or getting toe jam from a public swimming pool in my mouth.
Kim - My nephew broke his tooth playing a game: we covered a plate of Maltesers with squirty cream. He had to find the maltesers only using his mouth. His mum thought it would be funny to push his head in the cream but he broke his tooth on the side of the plate!!! He wasn't happy! Loving the show.
Charlie - Chewing a poppet. Was on my way home from school so had to throw it in the river because I don't think the tooth fairy would come. Also had to run home because of all the blood
Naomi - When my daughter Ava, was 1, she was in the seat of a supermarket trolley. I turned around for a moment to get something off a shelf and when I turned back to her, her face was down on the metal bar. I called her name, and little did I know her two bottom teeth were stuck in the bag hook. She lifted her head up so quickly that she ripped her bottom tooth out! Blood everywhere and blood curdling screams from her too!
I’m literally licking my teeth right now, reading through these, just to make sure they’re all still there! Aaaaaargh!! We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx