Lucy's Blog Wednesday 20th November

Hiya! How’s your Wednesday been?

It was so lovely to see lots of you at the intimate Robbie Williams gig last night, it was such an incredible night. I felt extremely lucky & privileged to be there! For those of you that didn’t get to go, check out the photos online now at….


On today’s show, we were talking about the things you tried once, then never again! I once tried to learn the Cornet. However, I caused such a racket with my ‘music’, I was banned from playing it ever again!


So – What did you try once, then quit forever?


Mandy – I tried giving birth once, didn't like it so my son is an only child :)

Emma - I tried trampolining and popped my ankle out of place not been on one since !

Alex - Tried scuba diving and found out that a fishes natural state is not covered in batter. Some of them have TEETH! 

Helen - I gave up Yoga, couldn’t stop laughing, was asked to leave!

Karen - Rides like Nemesis. Urgh! Once was too much.


We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!


Lucy xxx