Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 21st August

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a lovely day! So on today’s show, we were talking about bulk buying. Come on, we all do it!

I’ve bought 20 boxes of cat food before, it saved me so much money! I did look a little mad wandering around the supermarket with a trolley full of Felix, but it was worth it!

So – What was your last bulk buy?
Lisa - Magnum ice-creams, as Tesco was selling them for 62p for 6 ice-creams!
Kimmy - Hubby has sugar in tea and coffee.. Went to a wholesaler and bought 10 bags!!!! xx
Sandie - Wine.... Always wine.!
Lucy - 10 packets of baby wipes cos it was 3.50 AND they were Huggies pure. 198 pampers nappies for 12 quid and 50 jars of baby food (10 for a fiver) at least I know the baby wont go short. Haha
Karen - Fabric conditioner I only buy it when it's on offer and buy loads to last til it’s on offer again!
Gemma - My Mum's boyfriend bought so many 12 packs of loo roll that they had a whole loft full and also had them lining the walls of their one bedroom flat. They lasted over 6 months!
Peter - I bought washing powder in bulk. To be honest I mostly buy bulk as it’s cheaper and also lasts longer!
Dean - Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls for price of 6, so bought 4 packs!
Nathalie - Washing powder and loo roll .. oh and toothpaste!
Michelle - Baby wipes - I get a few thousand at a time (20 large packs) and toilet roll (45 a time)!
Victoria-Jane - Just bought five bottles of Dettol!
Emma - On Sunday I ordered 15 bottles of Sanex shower body cream online from Boots as they were on sale. They cost £22.42 but I saved £22.43!!!! I also got lots of Advantage Card points!
Marilyn - Face wipes. Half price so bought 2 months supply!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx