Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 23rd January

On today's show, we were talking about the little things that really annoy you. This is all because something was really annoying little man JK.

We posted a picture on the Heart London facebook page as a clue, here’s some of your guesses as to what was annoying JK….

Davinia - ..a mole?
Rachel -  Dried Weetabix stuck in his facial hair
Michelle - Your face in the mirror.
Ellie -  Random bald patches?
I laughed at all of these. You are brilliant Heart family.
Of course, we then had to ask you what really annoys you….here’s some of the stuff you got off your chest!
Hey, the little thing that annoys me is when I’m walking and people just stop dead still in front of you! So annoying! From jess
Hi JK & Lucy - the silly thing that really annoys me is when the person driving at the front of a queue of cars is only doing 20mph in a 40mph zone. love Katie
When you’re waiting at the bus stop for ages and when the bus arrives the person in front of you hasn't got their oyster out and you have to wait ages whilst they dig around in their bag!! Rebecca
I am a bus driver. 3 things that irritate me – 1. no indicators from drivers on roundabouts 2. telling us were late when we arrive 3. the regulars that know the fare but wait till they get on to find it making us later! Andy
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm with the usual random chat and stuff.
See you then!
Lucy xxx