Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 23rd October

Hiya! Half way through the week already – hurrah! On today’s show, we were asking you this – What happened after you let them borrow it?

This is after JK lent his new neighbour his Hoover, as they’d just moved in and everything was still packed up. His neighbour duly returned the Hoover at the end of the day, but it wasn’t quite in the state it should be…. Check out the Heart London Facebook page to see what happened!
Here’s some of your thoughts on what JK should’ve done once he got it back….
Caroline - Make them pay for the replacement part!
Karren - Didn't even empty it! What a cheek!
Lola gets a Gold star for this…..
Lola - Walk up to the neighbour's door and say' hey, I know you're new to the neighbourhood and all, let’s get the car and I'll show you around. And the first stop will be Argos to replace my Hoover, the one you returned broken!’ That should do it !!!
And Felicity totally sympathises….
I lent my lawn mover to a neighbour and it was returned with all the wire clips broken. It's held together with an old bootlace now!!!

We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx