Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 24th April

Hiya! So, on today’s show we started something new – What’s next Wednesday. We started off by getting you to tell us what you’re up to, then we’d create the next topic from that – here’s how it worked!

Marie started us off with this…
Off to the Regent tonight to see Witches of Eastwick…
          Witches of Eastwick starred Cher so…
What have you shared?
We shared a cheesecake at work today. By sharing it we didn’t feel so bad about eating a cake on a Wednesday!!!! Linda & Vicky xx
My bed. With my 2 year old at 4 o’clock this morning
I just shared a Chai tea bag with a colleague. Peter.
The last thing I shared were my Chilli Heatwave Doritos.
Last thing I shared was my dogs kisses and a cold! Kris
Lead to:
What do you kiss for luck?
Wendy - I kiss and rub my buddhas belly for luck
Peter - I kiss my ring for luck, others kiss it too, apparently it works.
Katie - I kiss my John Barrowman picture
Lead to:
Does you name represent your occupation?
My sons name is Jamie Watts he is an electrician
I'm Miss Smart and I'm a teacher!! The kids don't always think so though!!
My name is Mark Gardner and I'm a gardener
Which lead to:
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Stuart - I wanted to be E.T when I was growing up! Must’ve been a strange child!
Wendy - I wanted to be a long distance lorry driver.
John - A Top Gun pilot.
Lead to:
What is your Feel good movie you can watch over and over and what’s your favourite line from the movie?
Maria - Dirty dancing.....No one puts baby in a corner!
Roy - Forrest Gump  - ‘me and jenny are like peas and carrots
Chrissy - Life of Brian 'He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy'
Lead to:
What Naughty thing have your kids done that made you laugh?
I was at work when my wife sent me a photo of our flat screen TV completely covered in Sudocreme which although really naughty was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing most of the day. Gary in Dartford
Can't remember what my son did, but in response to being told off, looked at me, folded arms and said in mimicking voice 'oooohhh, someone’s tired' and walked off. He was 4 years old at the time.
My nephews were chatting and one said a naughty word. When i asked where did you hear that the other said in his ears!! I couldnt tell him off as i was crying and choking through laughter!! Zoe in enfield xx
Picking up on the word EARS it lead to:
If you could change any part of your body, what would you change?
It would have to be my beer belly. On holiday, was relaxing by the pool & noticed a little girl of about 4 staring at me, I carried on sunbathing and then heard her say to her mum, ‘mummy, can daddies have babies?’ I did chuckle to myself but thought I must cut down on beer! Trevor
I would change my nose because it has a large bump just below the bridge and then dips right down. It is a family thing and I'm lucky, it isn't as bad as my mums!
And that’s it – the first What’s next Wednesday done & dusted! Phew.
We’re back tomorrow from 4 – see you then!
Lucy xx