Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 25th September

Hiya! On today’s show, we talked about all things that shrink!

This is because since I’ve been working out & losing a little bit of eight, I swear my feet have shrunk! I bought myself a new pair of boots yesterday and I was a whole size smaller than usual! Obviously I was well chuffed, especially as I’m normally a big ol’ size 8! JK didn’t believe me, but I wanted to ask you, the Heart family, for your thoughts on it…..
So, can feet shrink? Has it ever happened to you? Well…..apparently, yes they can, & yes, it has!
Billie - Yes it is possible for your feet to shrink. I used to be a size 8 and lost a huge amount of weight as a teenager and I am now a 6.5! Much more ladylike!
Jason - When I was 17 I had size 11 feet and at one point size 13 football boots. By 28 I had gone down to a size 9 and now am size 10. A similar thing happened to my grandad!
Lucy - Lucky Lucy - my feet grew by a size and a half after having my baby. I am now a 10!!!!
Adela - I believe feet can shrink or expand a little, but in this case it can be just sizing! I'm 7-8 because brands sizes vary so much..
Amy - I agree! My feet shrunk from a size 3 to 2 and a half!
So, tomorrow I’ll be on with Jamie Theakston from 6am, and Emma Bunton will be on with JK from 4pm, as we do Radio Wife Swap!
Don’t miss it, should be lots of fun!
See you then!
Lucy xxx