Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 26th June

Hiya! It’s Wednesday already, hurrah!! Feels like this week is flying past, always a good thing! So, following on from talking about what you hang on your washing line, we asked you this on today’s show….

What’s the strangest thing you wash?
Paula - I have washed my husband's screws because he didn't empty his trousers's pockets before leaving them in the washing basket!
Joanne - Buzz Lightyear soft toy but it had a plastic face so some of it was scratched off by machine. Now we shall him "no-eyed Buzz"!!!
Lorraine - I once washed my mobile phone in a hot wash, just pulled it apart and dried it out and it still worked, but the strangest thing I was regularly is light bulbs, they get very dusty and I rub them over with baby wipes
Shelagh - I wash my son's trainers AND his fluffy blue elephant soft toy and hang it on the line. Thing is he is 22 years old and will kill me if I identify him. :)
Kim - I washed my daughters boyfriends American passport. It was his fault as he left it in his shorts. He spent 4 hours in the embassy getting a new one.
Les - The strangest thing I've ever washed is my daughter's new baby tortoise!
Louise - I wash my dogs knickers! She has a weak bladder, & sometimes wets in her sleep.
Emma - My husband once hung used teabags on his mums washing line to wind her up
Kelly - A cheque in the back pocket of my husbands jeans! The ink washed off completely! Embarrassing asking the customer for another one, she still reminds me years later!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4pm, see you then!!
Lucy xxx