Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 27th of February

It’s the Hump of the Week, hurrah! Hope you’ve had a fabulous Wednesday!

So, on today's show we talked about Pink & Blue jobs around the house – who does what where you live? I live on my own (World's smallest Violin please!), so EVERY job is a Pink job in my flat! Even putting the bins out & changing the kitty litter. Ewwww.
How about you?
Terry - I've just peeled the spuds for the roast I'm doing for my gorgeous fiancée tonight.
Adrian - Blue job, ironing the work shirts whist internet shopping!
Lucy - Blue job in my house is cooking and putting out the bins. Pink jobs are every thing else.
Colleen - Blue for us is half the ironing and all the DIY.
Kelly - When the sink got blocked the other week it was me ( Kelly ) who unblocked it as my boyfriend didn't have a clue lol
Shelley - My boyfriend Ian is passionate about cooking so that is the blue job in my house and funny enough I handle the taking out of the rubbish more often so that is a pink job, phew we have swapped roles, I am not complaining he cooks so well!
Also – don’t forget, on Friday it’s our Have Our Heart Appeal Day – there’s loads of amazing auction lots to bid on! We’ve been building up to it this week here at Heart by having our own Bake A Wish week to raise money for the appeal. I baked a Blueberry Sponge, and it went down a treat! Have you been doing the same at your workplace? I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much cake. Yummy.
You can check out the pic of my cake at the Facebook page, where you can also add your thoughts to who does the Pink & Blue jobs in your home!
See you tomorrow from 4!
Lucy xxx