Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 27th March

Hiya! So, Roberto was in today as JK was off, and we continued Nostalgia Week by chatting about Toys & Technology!

We covered off everything from Pound Puppies to Transformers, from Tiny Tears to Pacman! And the rest! Here’s some of the Toys & Technology that remind you of being little ‘uns!
Melanie - Loved my handheld Space Invader electronic game and my Gloworm!
Michelle - Green slime, used to freak people out when u pretended to sneeze & have the slime all over your hand as if it was snot!
James - Transformers and Thundercats! I loved both of these shows and kept my poor mum up all night watching videos and jumping around the sofa thinking I was Optimus prime or Liono! Those were the days!
Mandy - Spirograph, Sindy ,Fuzzy Felts, and long pieces of elastic! Was it called French skipping?
Vicki - I used to have the Big Yellow Teapot with all the figures and furniture. And Oh Penny play sets! I also had the original Polly Pockets that were tiny dolls in their tiny portable houses or shops. Good times!
Karen - I was the Queen of Simple Simon. It was the colour, sound, electric puzzle thing that you had to follow the sequence of lights. They got longer and faster. Loved it soooo much my Dad bought me pocket simon! I would of rung in to the show but I'm in the bath so thought a text would be better. Loving the show guys.
Terri - My little pony - I had loads of them and still have certificates from when I was part of the fan club! I always wanted a Mr Frosty but was never allowed one :((
I’ll be back tomorrow with Roberto again, and we’ll continue Nostalgia Week with our favourite School Days stories! See you from 4pm!
Lucy xxx