Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 29th January

Hiya! Hope your Wednesday’s been brilliant

On today’s show we were talking about alternative jobs we might do. This is all because apparently, Alexandra Burke is in training to be a 'Life Coach'. We wanted to know - if you could 'retrain' to do something different, what would you choose? Here’s some of your ideas!
Sharon - International make up artist!
Chris - Travel Photographer! Be forever on the move travelling the world!
Marvin - Just had confirmation that I can start training to become a property solicitor!! I'm no Spring Chicken either!! :-)
Nikki - A CSI officer
Heather - I would be training to be the next Simon Cowell!
Nikky - I have just finished training to be a police officer at the ripe age of 41.
Caroline - I would train to be a HGV driver, because I always loved going to work with my Dad, who did that when I was a child.
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy Xxx