Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 2nd May

How's your Wednesday been? Hopefully you've been able to enjoy some of the sunshine! So, today we asked you this – What has someone borrowed from you & not returned?

Personally, I reminded JK that he'd 'borrowed' my washing basket when he moved out of my house. (We lived together for a few months, NOT in that way!!) He denied all knowledge, then funnily enough, 'remembered' all of a sudden! His girlfriend suggested it would be funny if he brought it in with him tomorrow on the train. If there's photographic evidence of him doing this, you'll be the first to see it!

Here's some of your examples of items that have been borrowed from you, but not returned….

Ben - I have a Sega Megadrive that I borrowed from my brother who borrowed it from my cousin, who borrowed it from his mate about 20 years ago. How's that? Suzie - I lent my maternity dress out 26 years ago and still haven't forgotten it!! I want it back Kathy!

Debbie - My son borrowed my hoover 3 months ago so i use a broom!

Kirsty - I lent my friend a dress. She said she didn't have it, but was then tagged wearing it on Facebook.

Charlotte - My Aunt borrowed £2000 off me to go Ibiza, but she never ended up going on holiday and its been 3 years now! She still hasn't paid that money back .

Tony – I lent my cordless drill out to one person, they had it that long i almost forgot about it till i found in another person house an they said the first person gave it to them as they no longer needed it!

Selena – A Ricky martin CD!

Janet - I lent someone a lovely dress for a wedding that was a bit too small for me, but I said I'd have it back as was hoping to lose some weight! I forgot all about it, then saw her wearing it a year or so later at a party! It still wouldnt have fitted me, but that wasnt the point !!

And the Award for the Most Random Item Missing In Action goes to this text….

My Dad once loaned out his COCONUT SHY and it wasn't until about 4 years later he realised it was missing but couldn't remember who he had loaned it to!

Tomorrow we'll be asking you – What's the question you should ask your partner before embarking on a serious relationship with them?

See you tomorrow from 4!

Lucy xxx