Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 3rd July

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a fab Wednesday! On today’s show, we talked all about the single life….

Yesterday I went food shopping & upon looking at my collection of items on the conveyor belt, I realised just how 'single' I am. In front of me were flowers (bought by me, for me), 8 boxes of Cat Food, a few bottles of Red & a pile of Chocolate. So, today we asked you to complete this sentence….

You know you're single when…..

Donna - You know you’re single when you can do exactly what you want, when you want ..
Charlotte - The toilet seat is down and the bathroom is clean
Mel - Your the only person standing behind the bride when she throws the bouquet!!
Kerry - The biggest giveaway is the pack of 4 toilet rolls. It's so sad
Ollie - You know you're single because you still have money in your wallet!
Lorraine - You know you're Single when all your invites are to YOU & GUEST!!
Helen - When you have no one t please other than yourself and!
Jane - When a meal for 2 is an insult!
Melonie - When you say .... ‘Come on let's go to bed’ - to the CAT!!!
And the final word on this goes to Tony…..
Tony - You know you're single when you get to watch whatever you want on tv, you can sleep like a starfish in a double bed, council tax is cheaper, holiday costs are minute, food shopping doesn't require a second mortgage to pay for it and dating is fun!
See, my fellow singletons, life is actually pretty damn sweet when you have no significant other!
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy Xxx