Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 6th March

Hiya! Hope your Wednesday’s been fab.

On today’s show we talked about disastrous haircuts! Our work experience lad, Student Tom, went and got his hair cut by an apprentice hairdresser to save money, and it WASN’T a disaster. It looks really good! However, we also managed to get a photo of JK with a REALLY BAD bowl cut aged 6! Both photo’s are on the Heart London Facebook page.
Of course, we just had to ask you for your hairdressing disasters!
Carley - Hi JK & Lucy, I asked my mum to use a home high light kit, she put the foils too close to the scalp and it bubbled out. As we put the cap on, we still didn't realise!!! I had spots and stripes, wasn’t impressed!
Sarah - Aged about 8 I decided I didn't like the slight widows peak I had. So I thought I could shave it away. Cue an inch square area cut out of hairline!
Jenney - Dyed hair neon pink for Cancer Research. Had to strip my brown hair to go white before going pink. It went carrot orange, then lemon yellow! It’s  now a salmon pink but raised over £200 so will live with it :)  
Hi guys, my dad used to cut my fringe, but he used to pull it down as he cut it, after it sooooooo short and he always did it just before school photos :-(
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx