Lucy's Florida Blog - 15th May

Hiya!! So, we’re on Day 3 now of bringing the show to you live from Walt Disney World Resort here in Florida!

We’re doing it, so you can win it! So far, Jay, Sarah & Kelly have all won 7 day dream holidays here! You could be joining them too, plus we’ve got another chance to win online at….

So far, we’ve taken in Hollywood Studios & Epcot, and today we experienced the sheer brilliance of Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon!

I had to do THE most thrilling (& potentially very scary) experience of the lot – Summit Plummet. Essentially, it’s a waterslide. A really really high one, accessed only by a cable car. Yep – it’s 120ft high, and you hurtle down it at 60mph! It’s BRILLIANT! If you ever come to Disney, you have to do this! To find out just how terrifying, yet exhilarating this is, click here…

JK took on the Downhill Double Dipper, where you jump into a rubber ring, and race against your friends down a pretty steep waterslide! Whoever reaches the bottom of the slide in the fastest time, is the winner. He took on the might of Aussie Nige. Who won though? Find out here – 

Plus check out the pictures below!

We continued Holiday Week by asking you to tell us the reason you didn’t make it on holiday! From lost passports to broken down minibuses, you had all the valid (& sometimes not so) excuses – here’s the reasons why YOU didn’t make it on holiday…

Ruth – rushing to catch a budget airline flight, my hand luggage was over weight so I had to unpack my bag at security & put all my clothes on & run to the gate like the Michelin Man, got there just as it closed.

Dave – I got to Stansted for my 12 noon flight only to find it had actually been at 12 midnight the night before.

Ben – I didn't realise you needed your passport to get the Eurostar to France? A passport to get on a train?!!! I thought you only needed it to catch a plane!

Laura – the classic - tube delays

Chris – I got to the airport only to find out my passport had expired the week before

Joan – After organising a work trip, I slept through 3 alarms, my boss calling me from the airport as he was waiting for me and the taxi driver hammering on my door finally woke me up, 10 minutes after the plane had taken off :-(

We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon where we’ll bring you all the gossip from another of Walt Disney World Resort’s incredible parks, the Animal Kingdom. Remember, we’re doing it so you can win it!

See you from 4!

Lucy xxx

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