The price of love

New research suggests that households will spend an average of £267 celebrating the Royal wedding.

The findings show food and drink are expected to be the main areas of spending to commemorate the event, with a combined average spend of £126.

However travel (£41) new outfits (£42) and decorations (£29) are also set to be other areas where people will be paying out:

Drink  £65.61
Food  £60.30
Outfits  £41.99
Travel  £41.03
Decorations  £28.67
Other  £28.94

TOTAL  £266.54

Over two thirds (66%), have only started making plans for the event in the last two weeks.  The research also shows that the most popular celebration plan is to hold a barbeque (27%).

However, a quarter of people are planning to mark the occasion by simply gathering round a TV (26%) and just under a fifth (16%) looking to visit a restaurant or pub. 

Just over one in ten people planning celebrations are looking to hold a street party (13%), and one in twenty (6%) are hoping to attend an organised event.