Royal Wedding Watch

With just days to go until the big day we've got all the news, gossip and photos from the build-up on one page.

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Royal Wedding Watch: Friday 29th April:

Royal Wedding Watch: Thursday 28th April:

  • Kate Middleton's been spending her last day as a commoner before she becomes a Princess tomorrow.
  • Police have made a number of arrests ahead of the Royal Wedding. 
  • The royal wedding is likely to give shops in London's West End a 50 million pound boost.
  • Britain has revoked a royal wedding invitation to the Syrian Ambassador.
  • The Queen will leave Buckingham Palace tomorrow after hosting a lunchtime reception
  • There's brewing controversy over Syria's ambassador to London being invited to the royal wedding.
  • More than 2 billion people expected to watch the event on TV
  • 66 per cent believe the monarchy will still be here in 100 years time.
  • The Prime Minister's wedding gift is a book about Anglesey where the Prince is based with the RAF.

Royal Wedding Watch: Wednesday 27th April

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton have had a final rehearsal before Friday's wedding
  • William and Kate are reportedly attending a private wedding rehearsal at Westminster Abbey today.
  • Pilots from RAF Coningsby have taken to the skies to rehearse the flypast
  • David Cameron will wear a full morning suit to the wedding
  • Heathrow Airport will play the National Anthem over its tannoy from now until the big day
  • Passengers arriving at Heathrow will be treated to a red carpet.
  • 100 extra street cleaners have been drafted into make London look "spic and span"
  • A military dress rehearsal has been taking place since 4.30am this morning

Royal Wedding Watch: Tuesday 26th April:

  • John Loughrey is the first royal fan to set up camp outside Westminster Abbey.
  • Kate Middleton will have grey horses escort her to Westminster Abbey.
  • Body language expert Peter Collet says the marriage WILL last.
  • Forecasters say there's a risk of thunder and lightening on Friday.
  • If we do get rain William and Kate will leave Westminster Abbey in a Glass Coach.
  • It will take Kate three and a half minutes to walk down the aisle.
  • Kate's father Michael will accompany her down the "Abbey Red" coloured carpet.
  • A protest group with Middle Eastern links has warned police it's planning disruptions