Beyoncé reveals DVD tracklisting

The singer reveals tracks included in world tour dvd

Beyoncé has revealed the tracklisting of her world tour DVD, which comes out on November 29.

The "I am...World Tour" visited 32 countries in a year and included guests such as Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The "I am...World Tour" tracklisting has been confirmed and will include:

1. Intro (Live)
2. Crazy In Love (Live)
3. Naughty Girl (Live)
4. Freakum Dress (Live)
5. Get Me Bodied (Live)
6. Smash Into You (Live)
7. Ave Maria (Live)
8. Broken-Hearted Girl (Live)
9. If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know (Live)
10. Diva (Live)
11. Radio (Live)
12. Ego (feat. Kanye West - Live)
13. Hello (Live)
14. Baby Boy (Live)
15. You Don't Love Me, No No No (Live)
16. Irreplaceable (Live)
17. Check On It (Live)
18. Bootylicious (Live)
19. Upgrade U (Live)
20. Say My Name (Live)
21. At Last (Live)
22. Listen (Live)
23. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Live)
24. Halo (Live)
25. Outro (Live)