Britanny shines as Britney on Glee

Take a sneak preview at Glee Britney episode!

The much awaited Britney Spears Glee episode has finally been broadcasted on US TV.

Britney herself appears in dream form for no more than 30 seconds, but her namesake, cheerleader Britanny S. Pears, played by actress Heather Morris, shines as she performes Britney's songs.

Britanny is seen singing "Oops!... I Did It Again!" and "Me Against The Music", whilst Glee Club's queen bee Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele, performs "Baby One More Time".

Spears was so pleased with her episode that she took to her Twitter to share her joy with her fans.

Actor John Stamos also appears in the episode.

Take a sneak preview at Britanny singing "Me Against The Music" below!