Campbell's good genes and holidays keep her young

Naomi Campbell credits her mother for her good looks, but regular holidays keep her "sane"

She looks much younger than 40 years of age, and for that the model has to thank her good gene.

In an interview with German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Naomi Campbell has credited her mother's good genes for the model's lack of wrinkles and lines. She said she actually enjoys revealing her real age as she likes suprising people.

However the model has said that she does need at least six holidays a year to "stay sane".
Campbell now lives in Russia with Vladimir Doronin, her billionaire boyfriend, but needs to take a break from it all every six weeks.

Campbell also admitted that she's disappointed there aren't more black models working these days.
"The lack of black women at fashion shows in Paris makes me really sad" said the Streatham-born beauty "because I thought it would get better. I didn't work 25 years for black women to be ignored." She continued "I don't want to appear pessimistic though, that doesn't suit me. However, it means as a black woman you have to prove yourself even more. You have to give 110%."