Eva Longoria Parker ‘considers adoption’

Eva Longoria Parker and her husband are reportedly considering adopting a child from Haiti.

The actress married basketball player Tony Parker in 2007, and they are very much in love. Tony plays for the San Antonio Spurs, based in Texas, while Eva spends much of her time shooting 'Desperate Housewives' in Los Angeles, so they are often apart.

Their work schedules have interfered with the couple’s plans to start a family, so they are now thought to be considering giving a home to an underprivileged child.

“They’re exploring a few different places where children are seeking a forever home, from poorer areas of Central America to Haiti,” a source said. “They plan to reach a decision soon.”

Haiti was struck by an earthquake earlier this year, leaving many people homeless and creating hundreds of orphans.

Eva, 35, and Tony, 28, are said to be keen to get the ball rolling with the adoption before long, after which they will add to their brood with natural children.

“Eva wants to start a family now, so they will adopt,” the source explained. “But she and Tony plan to get pregnant in a year or so, and maybe have two children that way.”