Gary Barlow - mum's a help

Speaking to Newsbeat about songwriting the Take That leader said: 'One of my best tricks is that every now and again, I go and see my mum for a few days.'

'I leave, at my mum's house, a midi-keyboard and a set of speakers. I arrive there and set it up in front of a window overlooking a field and I'm in a different situation.'

Gary also discussed how Take That's dynamic changed when Robbie Williams re-joined.

'I'm sat there thinking, 'Ok, I'm a writer, Mark's a writer, Robbie's a writer'. Now, listen, on a three minute single how much of each individual do you go down that way?'

'So I had a plan, I thought I'm going to become like one of these hip-hop producers and I'm going to make more backing tracks.'