Helen Mirren reveals Willis crush

Dame Helen Mirren says she has a “flame in her heart” for Bruce Willis.

The British actress appears opposite the Hollywood hunk in upcoming thriller 'Red', which tells the tale of an assassin whose life is under threat, and also stars Morgan Freeman and Mary-Louise Parker.

Helen says she was attracted to the role primarily because action star Bruce was already confirmed as a cast member, admitting she has a soft spot for the handsome actor.

“Bruce was the deciding factor for me doing this movie," she confessed.

"I have a little bit of a flame in my heart for Bruce.”

Helen has been to the American director Taylor Hackford for married thirteen years, and they are considered one of the most stable couples in Hollywood.

The 65-year-old actress says Taylor isn’t jealous about her crush on Bruce, as he is equally attracted to Helen’s pretty co-star Mary-Louise.

“But it's OK because my husband has a bit of a flame for Mary Louise Parker, so that's all fine," she laughed.