Lady Gaga superfan surprise

Gaga plays forthcoming album tracks to fan

Lady Gaga has given back to her fans once again, by picking "superfan" Ryan Johnson to listen to new album tracks.

The "Bad Romance" singer chose one of her most devotated fans to listen to exclusive tracks from her forthcoming album, Born This Way.

Delighted superfan Ryan then reviewed the unreleased songs on Lady Gaga's website.
"The music is so fresh and so liberating and it’s almost like a new genre of music", he writes, "the new music took me to places GaGa’s music has never took (sic) me to before - it’s really inspirational, empowering and liberating and it will set you free.".

Gaga has been keeping her fans updated on her new album via Twitter.
On Wednesday she wrote: "Endless melodies, hooks, + poetry sledge-hammering my skull. It won't be much longer, (Born This Way) it's almost perfect".