Lily Allen talks baby names

Lily Allen has thought of some “stupid” names for her unborn son but she’ll probably opt for something conventional as her partner is “traditional”.

The 25-year-old pop star-turned-boutique owner is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper, 32, and the baby boy is due next year.

Lily has considered giving the little one a suitably showbiz name, although she admits builder Sam has more conservative taste to her and might get mocked by his colleagues if his son has an unusual name.

“I’ve got a really stupid list of names, but I’m not going to show you,” she said.

“But, no, we probably won’t. I think Sam is way too straight and traditional for that sort of thing.”

Lily is excited about motherhood, although she admits she does worry about the costs of raising a child, despite making plenty of money throughout her pop career. The star is adamant her and Sam’s son will go to a fee-paying private school rather than a free state-school, which means there will be additional costs to his upbringing.

“Tax bills scare me,” she laughed. “I know I’m lucky to be in a position to do this, where I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’ve got a nice house and a little pot of money for school fees. Because I do want to send my son to a private school...”