Mariah Carey: Acupuncture helped me conceive

Mariah Carey had daily acupuncture sessions when she was trying to fall pregnant.

The singer and her husband Nick Cannon confirmed they are expecting a baby last week, following months of speculation. Both are thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents, with Mariah admitting she is relieved the news is finally common knowledge.

The star has insisted she and Nick did not use IVF to have their baby, although she has opened up about the steps she took to help speed up the process. Mariah and Nick previously suffered a miscarriage, so the singer has been taking hormone progesterone which improves fertility and is given to women who may be at risk of miscarrying.

“She had once-a-day acupuncture all over her body,” Nick added. “I think it helped her quite a bit, because it was a good de-stressor.”

He added he will never forget the “priceless” look on his wife’s face when they realised she was pregnant, explaining they both still cry a lot when they think about it.

Mariah, 41, added she can’t wait to see her 30-year-old spouse being a father, and it still “amazes” her that it’s going to happen. “He's a great person, and we have more in common than not,” she told Us Weekly. “I know people initially were, 'What? Those two?' But I think people who know us get it.”

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