New dictionary words

Vuvuzela, Cheeseball and Buzzkill are among two thousand new words that have been recognised by the latest Oxford Dictionary of English.

Some of the latest entries include:

Chill pill
A notional pill taken to make someone calm down

Calm down and relax

A roast dish consisting of a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey

Costing less than is usual or than might be expected; cheap or relatively cheap

Staycation -
Holiday spent in one's home country

A fussy person

A long horn blown by fans at soccer matches

National treasure
Someone/thing regarded as emblematic of a nation's cultural heritage

Buzzkill -
A person or thing that has a depressing or dispiriting effect

Social media
Websites and applications used for social networking

The posting of very short entries on a blog

Automatically and in a way that seems ingenious, inexplicable, or magical

Exit strategy
A pre-planned means of extricating oneself from a situation

Think about (something) too much or for too long

Viewing or presenting a situation as considerably worse than it actually is

Soft skills
Personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people

Excessively colour-coordinated

Little black dress

A person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry

Lacking taste, style, or originality

Cool hunter
A person whose job it is to make observations or predictions about new styles and trends

A meeting organized by means of posts on twitter

A close but non-sexual relationship between two men

Wardrobe malfunction
An instance of a person accidentally exposing an intimate part of their body as a result of an article of clothing slipping out of position

Another term for unfriend (remove someone from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking site)

Do you have a word or phrase that you think deserves to be in the dictionary. It could be a word you and your colleagues use or a phrase you always use at home. Tell us below.