Roger Lloyd Pack "Trigger": A Tribute

We take a look at the 'Only Fools And Horses' actor's best moments, quotes and the tributes from his former cast members and fellow actors.

Roger Lloyd-Pack was best known for his role of slow-witted but loveable Trigger in 'Only Fools And Horses'. Watch his funniest moments and read his most memorable quotes and tributes from his former cast members and fellow actors.

From 'The Class of 62':
Trigger: Yeah, I'll have a beer.
Boycie: How can you drink with Slater? That's the man who stitched you up with them knocked-off green shield stamps and sent you away for 18 months!
Trigger: I know. But when I came out I got an electric blanket and a radio with 'em.

'Only Fools and Horses' - Trigger's Dogdy Briefcases

From 'Only Fools And Horses - Strangers On The Shore':
Denzil: You ever thought of getting married, Trig?
Trigger: No, I haven't met the right person yet, but I've always had this sort of image of my perfect woman, sort of my dream girl.
Denzil: What's she like?
Trigger: Oh she's nothing to look at, very plain, little scar on her chin where she had a wart removed.

'Only Fools And Horses' - Trigger And Ghandi

From 'Only Fools And Horses -Mother Nature's Son':
Denzil: It's closed!
Trigger: (Checks watch) Well, it's a bit late, innit?
Del: What d'you mean 'a bit late?' You said it was open twenty-four hours a day!
Trigger: Yeah, but not at night!

'Only Fools And Horses' - Trigger And Del Boy Go Out To Meet Girls

From 'Only Fools And Horses - Miami Twice':
Rodney: You see, it's fossil fuels! People do not realise the damage they're doing to this planet.
Trigger: I don't have none of them in my house, I use gas and oil.
Rodney: Trig, they are fossil fuels!
Trigger: Are they? Well, I'll switch to coal in future!

'Only Fools And Horses' - Rodney Asks Trigger Why He Keeps Calling Him 'Dave'


From 'Only Fools And Horses - The Frogs Legacy':
Mike: Don't try'n be funny with me, Trigger. I'll tell you this much, I've had certificates for my beer.
Trigger: Yeah, I've had a few days off work with it as well!

'Only Fools And Horses' - Trigger Gets The Wrong Idea


From 'Only Fools And Horses - Ashes to Ashes':
Del: You're going on your holidays Tuesday, ain't yer?
Trigger: Yeah, I'm Looking forward to that Del. I've been under a bit of pressure lately, what with me Gran in hospital and me case being adjourned. It'll be nice to get away from it all. I'm gonna live it up a bit. Discos, nightclubs, golden beaches, blue skies.
Rodney: Sounds Great Trig, where'y going?
Trigger: Ireland!


Tributes to Roger Lloyd-Pack

"I was very saddened to hear of Roger's passing. He was a very quiet, kind and unassuming actor who was a pleasure to work with. Although he played the simple soul of Trigger in Only Fools And Horses, he was a very intelligent man and a very fine actor capable of many roles. I shall remember him with fondness and for all the good times we had together." Sir David Jason

"He was the most accomplished actor and loved by millions. I will miss him greatly." Nicholas Lyndhurst

"I spoke to Roger two days ago. Roger said it was a bit awkward to talk at that particular moment. It is very sad and very distressing. My thoughts are with his family. He was a remarkable man and he'll be missed. Roger is irreplaceable. It's a very sorry day." John Challis (Boycie in 'Only Fools And Horses')

"(He was) an incredible actor and person" James Corden