RPatz nearly crushed by elephant

RPatz fans can breath a sigh of relief after the 'Twlight' star narrowly missed being squashed by an elephant on the set of his latest movie 'Water For Elephants'.

Pattinson was filming a scene with co-star Reese Witherspoon where he climbs on top of the elephant.  A source said “the script called for the elephant to step forward while swinging her trunk from side to side, but Rosie got her signals mixed up.  Instead, she sat down on her big butt, lifted her front legs — then rolled over."

But luckily Pattinson reacted quickly and slid down the elephant’s back before Rosie the elephant could roll on top of him.  Once it was clear he was unharmed he and the crew couldn't help but laugh.  The source said “Everyone on the set cracked up — especially Reese, who was laughing so hard she couldn’t catch her breath.”

Pattinson recently suffered another animal-related mishap on the Water For Elephants set when he was bitten by a lion.