Sheen admits assaulting wife

Charlie Sheen won't go to jail for assaulting his wife on Christmas Day because he's off to rehab instead.

The actor's done a deal with prosecutors in Colorado which means he'll spend 30 days in a clinic and another 30 on probation.

The actor was charged with felony menacing, misdemeanor third degree assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Sheen had faced up to three years behind bars if he had been convicted on all charges. In exchange for pleading guilty to misdemeanor third degree assault, the charges of menacing and of criminal mischief were dropped.

Under a plea agreement Sheen agreed he will go on three months probation once he has completed his 30 days in rehab. During this time he cannot consume any drugs, other than prescription medication, and cannot drink an excessive amount of alcohol.

The 44-year-old was quiet through much of the court proceeding. When asked how he pleaded, Sheen said: "Guilty as charged, your honor."

The actor's legal troubles have had little effect on his popularity. Audiences for Two and a Half Men have remained high and this year Sheen negotiated a deal with CBS that took his pay to a reported £1.13 million per episode.