Shia's 'Best for the Buck'

Shia LaBeouf is the best value actor in Hollywood for the second year running.

Forbes magazine has been looking at which stars give Hollywood studios the "best bang for their buck" by working out how much their films make compared to their salaries.

For every $1 LaBeouf was paid, his movies brought in $81 in profit. His blockbusters inclded Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull – ($787m profit) and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen ($836 million)

Second place went to Alice in Wonderland star Anne Hathaway, with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in third place.

For every $1 Daniel was paid, his movies grossed $61 in profit.

Also in the top 10:

4. Robert Downey JR ($33 in profit per $1 of salary)
5. Cate Blanchett, ($27)
6. Meryl Streep and Jennifer Aniston (tied).
8. Johnny Depp
9. Nicolas Cage
10. Sarah Jessica Parker