EDL Demonstration Held In Middlesbrough

28 June 2014, 05:00

Hundreds of English Defence League supporters are due to march through Middlesbrough, with a counter demonstration also planned later.

Cleveland Police say people going aren't allowed to wear masks or scarves to hide their faces.

Protesters have also been warned any anti-social or criminal behaviour will be dealt with by police.

Extra officers will be on patrol for the protest, which is starting from 12pm.

It's expected to last until 3pm.

It's thought people coming into Middlesbrough may encounter some disruption around Albert Road/Borough Road and Linthorpe Road areas.

Cleveland Police told Heart:
"If you are taking part in this event, Cleveland Police will facilitate any group exercising its right to stage a peaceful protest.
We have been working for some time to enable this event to pass peacefully. It is your personal responsibility to ensure this happens.
Please enjoy a peaceful event, respect the town and respect those who are going about their daily business.
We aim to use a proportionate number of police officers to ensure your protest remains peaceful and safe. We will however respond to any outbreaks of disorder.
Middlesbrough is a town of peace - with your help and co-operation we can keep it that way."

The following will not be allowed at the protest:

* Banners, flags and placards that might incite disorder
* Anything that could be used to cause injury or damage
* Face coverings, masks, scarves if used to conceal your identity
* Leaflet distribution in Middlesbrough town centre is prohibited