Morissons Apologise For Angel Baguette Stunt

6 May 2014, 05:01 | Updated: 6 May 2014, 09:01

Supermarket chain Morrisons has apologised after beaming a baguette advert onto the Angel of the North in Gateshead.

The supermarket tried to launch a new price-cutting campaign over the weekend by projecting an image of a baguette onto the Angel's wings.

The creator of the Angel, Antony Gormley, said:
'I'd rather the Angel is not used for such purposes, but it's out there.'

A number of people reacted angrily to the Morrisons ad on Twitter, with some saying it was vandalism.

A Morrisons spokesperson said:
"We're sorry if you thought we got carried away by shining a baguette on the Angel of the North and apologise unreservedly to those to whom we have caused offence.

We were trying something different which was meant to put a smile on peoples faces but clearly it wasn't to everybody's tastes.

We're so proud of our northern roots and the last thing we want to do is offend anybody."