New Road Bridge Plans For Middlesbrough

9 September 2014, 11:01

A new £4.5 million road bridge is being proposed for Middlesbrough's flagship Middlehaven regeneration site.

The swing bridge would be built at the entrance to Middlehaven Dock to improve access to the area.

The proposed bridge will replace the existing footbridge which was installed following the removal an earlier swing bridge by the Teesside Development Corporation.

The bridge and associated improvements will complete the road network serving the north of the town, connecting Greater Middlehaven and Riverside Park with an east-west spine road running parallel to the A66 and linking directly to it at either end.

The development will also create further opportunities for the regeneration of the Dock as a marina and centre for water sports and general recreational and leisure use.

The majority of the funding for the project has been secured from the Local Growth Fund by Tees Valley Unlimited, with £600,000 coming from the S106 agreement relating to the new supermarket development at Cargo Fleet.

If approved, construction of the bridge and associated works is expected to start in the spring of next year and will take around 12 months to complete.

Councillor Charlie Rooney, Middlesbrough Council's Executive Member for regeneration told Heart,
"Middlehaven is central to the town's on-going regeneration, and is already home to a number of fantastic developments.

To continue that momentum it is vital that we make it as attractive as possible to further inward investment, and the proposed swing bridge will enhance this important waterside location.

This vital project will transform access to the whole Middlehaven area, while improving its image for potential investors.

Middlehaven is changing the face of Middlesbrough, and this scheme will take one of the region's flagship regeneration sites on to the next exciting phase in its evolution."

A report on the proposal - recommending approval of the development of a swing bridge - will be considered by Middlesbrough Council's Executive later.