North Shields Water Park Reopens

4 August 2014, 06:00

After a £1.2 million revamp, Wet N Wild in North Shields officially reopens later.

It's taken four months for the North East's much-loved water park to undergo a huge transformation.

It closed down after going into administration in October last year.

But now investment from both Moirai Capital Investments and Serco Leisure means that it's ready to reopen to the public.

There's a new reception area, shop, café and menu and work continues to open a dedicated soft play section for the younger children in October 2014.

Kevin Thomas, Transition Director for Serco Leisure said,
"Wet 'n' Wild is a great facility.  It has all the same, great, thrill rides as before in a safe and warm environment.

The project has had its challenges, in bringing the centre into the 21st Century, however we are committed to this venture and look forward to promoting it as a key family destination in the North East. 

The water park is also bringing economic benefits to North Shields - as a centre of this size creates local employment opportunities, a place for tourists to visit and the requirement for local skilled trades to invest their talents"

Serco Leisure has created around 70 jobs in total that range from lifeguards, receptionists, cleaners and catering positions.

Doors open at 11am this morning!