Northumberland Domestic Violence Support Service Saved

3 September 2014, 05:30

A domestic violence support service in Northumberland, which had been earmarked for closure because of a lack of funding, can go on saving lives in the county.

Northumberland County Council announced it would cover the £230,000 costs of Cease 24 until April next year, ensuring help remains on hand to vulnerable victims of domestic violence.

The organisation, which provides the Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) service for the county, had been due to close at the end of last month because of a lack of funding.

Supporters of the service argued that it would put lives of children and adults at risk.

Rape Crisis, which works closely with the service, have told Heart that saving the service means women across the county will

Andrea Perrett, Chief Executive of Rape Crisis says,
'In areas where there isn't an IDVA service, the number of domestic homicides go up.

Domestic homicide is basically murder in a domestic situation.

So if you take away an IDVA service, our estimate is that the number of domestic homicides will increase.

They are the organistation that provides support for high risk domestic violence victims in Northumberland.

1 in 4 women experience domestic violence - that's a lot of people that, potentially, weren't going to get any support.'