Warning Over Legal Highs In Sunderland

6 May 2014, 10:00 | Updated: 6 May 2014, 10:03

There's a warning about the dangers of legal highs after a man in Sunderland was hospitalised after taking one.

The 30-year-old was taken to hospital after consuming Rapture herbal incense.

The man was spotted by a passer-by on Wearmouth Bridge, on Saturday, May 3rd, who became concerned for his safety due to his heavily intoxicated state.

Officers attended the scene along with the ambulance service and the man was taken to hospital where he received treatment before being released.

Neighbourhood Inspector Tony Carty said:
"People need to be aware of the dangers of these substances.

These are sold as a herbal incense only and should never be consumed.

As proven in this case, the person didn't only require hospital treatment because of the effects of the drug on his health, but he also put himself in a vulnerable position where he could have caused himself injury or worse.

Thankfully a passer-by contacted emergency services before anything serious could happen or any more of the incense could be consumed.

Using legal highs, in the way they are intended or otherwise, isn't safe and we would urge people to steer clear of them. They can kill or have a devastating impact on someone's health as they often contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

Anyone who misuses drugs, prescribed or non-prescribed, is putting their life at risk and people should also be aware that this risk is significantly increased if mixed with alcohol."

Anyone who needs emergency medical attention should call 999.

If you have any issues relating to this information or would like advice or information about substances and their effects, please contact FRANK on 08700 77 6600 or visit www.talktofrank.com