Celebrities turned authors

Peter Andre has just announced he's writing a series of children's books. It's not just his ex wife Katie Price who'll be stiff competition. All these celebrities have written kids' books too.

What is it with celebrities and children's books? It seems that many of them rather enjoy writing kids' fiction. Could it be their wild imagination? The little child inside of them who refuses to grow up? Is it a way to fight their own childhood demons?

When Madonna became a mum, married Guy Ritchie and settled in the UK, the natural progression was to write her first children's book, The English Roses.
Not being a mother didn't stop Kylie from writing The Showgirl Princess much to the joy of little girls. 

Royal writers

Prince Charles has portrayed his love of Scotland in The Old Man Of Lochnagar and fellow royal Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has written over ten children's books.

Hollywood authors

Gorgeous and talented actress Julianne Moore has turned her unpleasant childhood experiences (she was teased for having red hair) into Freckleface Strawberry and The Dodgeball Bully and John Travolta's turned his childhood love of flying into Propeller: One Way Night Coach.
Will Smith's written Just The Two Of Us, after his eponymous song title, Brooke Shields had fun working on It's The Best Day Ever Dad! and Jamie Lee Curtis has set out to teach the English language to little ones with her Big Words For Little People.
Whoopi Goldberg's still dancing in her books and has written quite a few of her Perfectly Prima: Sugar Plum Ballerinas series.

Laugh, sing and have a happy day...

Even irreverent comedians  Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Cristal have gone all soft after having children and grandchildren and have both written books. Crystal has penned I Already Know I Love You and Seinfeld Halloween.

For Lee Ann Rimes perfect childhood is lived in the jungle, or at least that's what her book Jag is about and Sir Paul McCartney's has dreamed up a perfect world where animals live in peace without fear of being eaten in Up In The Clouds.

And if you've ever wondered whatever happened to the Fonz, wonder no more as he's writing children's books too. Well, Henry Winkler, the actor who portrayed him is, and his adventures of Hank Zipzer have been very successful with young boys.
The Fonz would definitely give him the thumbs up!