Single celebrities

Celebrities may have it all, but there are plenty of beautiful stars still flying solo.

Whether it's a choice or they've yet to find Mr Right, there are many celebrities who have yet to find everlasting love.

Halle Berry may have split up with her boyfriend, Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, but has said that she still believes in love and hasn't given up hope to find the right man for her.

Renee Zellweger is currently dating The Hangover Bradley Cooper, but the petite actress has had few relationships, namely one with rocker Jack White from The White Stripes and a 4 months marriage with country musician Kenny Chesney.

Kate Hudson too had a few hearbreaks after splitting up with Chris Robinson, but her current relationship with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy might change her singleton state once and for all.

When Angelina and Billy Bob Thorton divorced, the actress went ahead and adopted son Maddox on her own, proving that she didn't need a man to have a family. Her love rival Jennifer Aniston is possible the quintessential single girl after her marriage to Brad Pitt's dissolved and he started seeing Jolie, but like the Salt actress, Aniston does not think that a man is essential to raise children.

Do you think that women need a man to be happy and have a family? Tell us below!


Hazel Gannon
Yes, most defiantly. You don’t need a man to be happy. I was single for a long time after splitting with my boyfriend of 8 years. I moved to a new area and decided to go out to my local pub and started salsa dancing on my own. I eventually made new friends of my own and was very happy with my new single life! I think you need to be happy as a single person to then be ready for a relationship, you need your own friends & own hobbies as you can’t depend on a man to make you happy. Men should be there to make your happiness even more happy!!

Trudy Cutts
being single ... would be great ,,men are just a pain in the bum ... x

Trudy Cutts
i mean us woman can multitask and do stuff ... so who needs a man ... ?x

James Parker
Not all relationships are hard work... and woman need men otherwise there would be children!

Julie Dawn Archer
i feel a relationship is the hardest most frustrating contract anyone enters into, but if worked at the rewards are full filling....x

Nicola Clarke
I had many happy times when I was single, evry1 shud b in a relationship because they want to be not because they feel they need to be. If u can be happy on your own then that level of confidence allows you to choose the relationship that's right 4 u, that's wot I think anyway, lol!

Marie Bell
But by being married I have someone to laugh with, care for me, look after me when I am sick and someone to stick my cold feet on!! who will still love me whatever i look like and let me be free to do what I like in a loving caring stable relationship!

Christine Quinney
Yes - definitely!