Sex and the City 2 reviews

Alison Reid    
Pure fun, i wouldnt say its a must see, but if you are feeling a bit low it would certainly cheer you up                                                                                       
Sarah McAndrew    
This film was everything you would expect from these fabulous actresses, it was funny, clever and throughly entertaining. I would highly recommend watching it.

Kirsty Daveridge
love love love it, it was great. im going to new york this year and going to manhattan and having a cosmopolitain.

Jake Clarke
Fun film for all, a must see!

Samantha Dhanilall
Great movie for all the lovely ladies out there. A good chance for a girls night out watching Carrie and the girls strut their stuff on screen.

June Houghton
Wow wow wow what a super girlie film full of laughter and fun, fun, fun

Heather Shaw
The clothes are amazing and there are some very very funny moments however overall i think that the plot was slightly flat. And SJP is too over hyped

Fania Bennett
Fantastic fun. Slick, chick, fabulous costumes, and the shoes, oh the shoes!!

Amy Slater
Pretty darn good ;)  :P

Drea Veryard
fantabulosellent and stumazingly brilliant! if only i could be one of the girls and wear those clothes!

Christine Reid
As funny as ever, the girls battle through love, sex and heartbreak. A must see film.

Lisa Curson
It was the fashion film of the year full of laughs friendship and memories of them girly times. the sexiest film of the summer

Ellen Williams
all i can say is its out of this world, lets have the next 1.

Amanda Nikola
S=sexy,E=exciting,X=xxxx,A=attractive,N=naughty,D=desirable T=tremendously,H=hilarious,E=exceptional,C=clever,I=impressive,T=tremendous,Y=yes,yes,yes,watch this film.SEX IN THE CITY!!!!

Hayley Williams
Absolutely fantastic! Samantha is a scream as always! i hope im as active as her when im 52! the other girls were fab aswell!

James Lupson
the film is absalotly fab its a must see. so id book your tickets now

Kate Chapman
Absolutely brilliant!

Kelly Rafferty
Girl power at its best - love it !!

Madelaine McLaughlin
As expected from the SATC crew, a great girlie giggle, but oh so far removed from my life! I'd burn wearing those clothes there too!

Julie Bowley
I actually thought this one was a ridiculous send up of everythin satc have achieved . It was not believable and appart from all the glamour and expence it was a poor movie with the never again factor

Fatema Limbada
It's great if you're female and you were already into the TV shows. It's not great if you weren't already a huge fan and/or if you're male.

Colleen Lewis
I watched this movie the night it came out and i have to say, it was amazing. The class and style of the ladies never cease to amaze me.

Kerry Elliott
Once again the girls have made it worth watching. A Great follow on from the first movie

Laura Goss
Amazing and Ultra Glamourous! Carrie and the girls are back on top form! A must see for any fan!

Eric Butcher
The film was good, funny in places, quite a few references to sex that might be a bit much for 15 year old's.The clothes were over the top and not for ordinary women, even if they are Americans.

Jacqui McCarthy
I've only just watched SATC1 and was dissapointed so won't be rushing out to see the sequal.

Jenny Chynoweth
Awesome! Just as good as the first - a must see!

Pamela Manger
I saw the film saturday night it was absolutely brilliant i so needed a boost that day and a laugh i loved the film it made me feel a lot happier,as i was so very down,and the clothes was amazing.very beautiful,i will see it again.

Zoe Brown:
It was fab, flirtatious and full of girly fun. All you would expect from the great sex and the city girls.

Well done again! Their fashions are incredible all credited to Patricia Field my mentor.

Scintillatingly, Sizzling. Satisfyingly Sexy and Salacious. Significantly Stupendous. Smoothly Smoulderingly and Superlative.

Fantastic well worth seeing.

Great film.