Sex and the City 2 reviews

Annabel   Cain    
As delicious as a manhattan! Amazing outfits and and exciting plot. This will leave you having for SATC 3! Wishful thinking?!                                                                                            
Elisabeth Sadler    
What can I say...  It's SATC!  Fantastic as always, those girls really know how to live in style and yet give us some great laughs too.                                                                                            

Christine Southwood
What can I say - amazing as always - love you girls xx                                                                                        

Keturah   Sesstein    
The new movie was amaxing! It helped me to have a clearer understanding of my life. The girls were brilliant and the movie was total class.                                                                                            

Joanna Eugene    
No never been to see sex nad city just to busy working all hours .as care asst and work shift . would love to see it and have a nice evening out and would love to have some new close have treat my self in long time. Would be a wonderful chance to see it hopefully maybe i will get a chance.                                                                            

Rachel Tagoe    
Fun, friendship, fashion and flirting... what else does a girl need? It was truly captivating, hilarious and true to form. Any Sex and the City fan will LOVE it!                                                                                            

Melissa Cannon    
Girls just wanna have fun. What you waiting for, go see this film and you're sure to have fun.                                                                                            
Annie Soper    
I have all six series and i think the film one and two it the most best every. I think they should defenty do a SATC3 it will be great!!                                                                                            

Colin Walker  
It was quite funny,but it is a chic film not enough for us blokes.But the girls enjoyed it.                                                                                            
Ashleigh Allan    
Brilliant, definately worth going to see. Everything you would expect and more!                                                                                            
Richard Harrison    
Luxury Glamour Girls are back with a follow up story on a mystic  Arabic Adventure. I quite enjoyed this.                                                                                
Jade Bennett    
Style, Sassy, Sexy its back! And it's fab. Great seeing the girls back still having fun. Better than the last film. Get your heels on pronto.                                                                                            

Laura Metcalfe 
It was amazing!  Samantha just get more and more and more outrageous, I wonder if there will be any complaints from Muslims?!                                                                                            

Deborah  Higgins 
Fantastic better than one                                                                                            

Sarah Goodman
Good, girlie fun with enough familiarity, fun, laughter and twists to keep me hooked - here's to sex in the city 3!                                                                                            
Jackie    Channell
Better than the first one. would go and see it again anytime!!                                                                                   

Nicola Harrison    
Brilliant !                                                                                            

Nadia Kalooji 
It was quite a witty and flirtacious film! However it did lack some substance =(                                                                                            
Carl Coombes    
I love Carrie's dress. Samantha looks slutty as usual (but ya gotta love her), Miranda looks great, as does Charlotte....but they really know how to dress SJP. She's really great looking in that dress.                                                            

Rebecca    Brown
Sex and the City 2 moves from city lights to desert delights! The girls are back and as fabulous as ever. But as always you can't expect a smooth ride...                                                                                            

Sarah Schofield    
Great fun! When I saw it the cinema was packed with other girls, mostly dolled up for the occasion and the reactions from the audience where priceless! Nothing too deep, but great girly fun.                                                                                            
Christine Burton    
This was brilli realy enjoyed it loved the clothes and and the style  like to see it again                                                                    
Rita Edwards    
I am 63 years old, and I love Sex and the City, the film was a ridiculous, funny, girly romp, the fashions are wonderful (wish I could wear them).                                                                                            

Kelly Blankley    
Amazing, Clothes, Shoes and women! great feel good movie for women some real laugh out loud moments, just as good as the first movie!                                                                                            

Tabita Izekor  
It is a exiting ,breath taking movie full of fun and sexy.                                                                                    

Deborah Flouris 
I thought the first film was better, however being a fan i still really enjoyed the second, loved all the glam and seeing the girls doing things that we only wish we could do !!!!!!!                                                                                            

Susannah Southurst

Very disappointing, the 1st one was  heaps better, good acting but poor storyline.                                                                        
Jade Stevens    
"It was fantastic and knocked socks off of the first one!! Made me want to go shopping and drink cocktails with my girlies!! Loved it."                                                                                            

Maggie Illingworth 
The girls have done it again - sazzy, full of fashion and fun. Roll on the next one!                                                                                            
Sam Henderson    
It was really good                                                                                            

Lorna Percvial  
"I enjoyed it, cause it was not in New York for a change. And it was very good. Looking forward to the next.
Dawn Summerhayes
Don't believe what you read in the press this is a fab fun movie!!                                                                                            
Selina Good    
Absolutley legendary!!!                                                                                            
Janet Grace-Robinson    
Absolutely fabulous..expect the  unexpected with a few new  twists  and turns.. enjoyed every minute..                                                                                            
Iain Maciver    
Mary McElheron
I thought it was wicked just like the first one hope they do a number 3
Stacie Elsmore    
Disappointing to a die-hard fan. Lacked depth and plot, little riveting conversation. Hot outfits, hotter men, but a little clumsy and try hard. Hugely set up for a 3rd.                                                                                    

Hayley  Pocock 
It was brilliant! Yet again, doesn't fail to impress. I love the shoes shoes shoes!                                                                    
Lucy Cotterill    
A great girly fashion filled fun fest. Perfect film to catch up with your girls. Loved it x                                                                                            
Sarah Laycock    
Ties up all the loose ends magnificently - drama, comedy, reflection and triumph, what every woman ultimately aspires to.                                                                                            
Paul Chapman    
"went to see it yesterday classic film think us women can relate to each of the women ..excellent film
cant wait to have it on dvd ..It's a must even if you havent seen the series"                                                                            
Vicky Hammond    
The girls return for their second film with even more decadence, fashion and fun than the first time around. With wardrobes we'd all love to raid combined with a laugh out loud script. this has to be THE must see film of the summer. Take your gal-pals and bring on the cosmopolitans!                                    

Shaneen   Graham  
It was great i would watch it again a would even go and watch a third one as well. The first and second  was really good it was  great                                                                                            

Raluca   Jarvis 
Better than the S&TC1....loved it!!                                                                                               

Carolina Esteves De Andrade    
It was THE most Fabulous,Fashion Movie of the Year!The girls wore Great as ever!Well done,ladies!                                                                
Caroline Glass    
A crazy, fun-filled, fashion, romance extravaganza one could never tire of watching.  A must-see feel-good film even for the cynics would change their mind.                                                            

Rosie  Holt  
A great film to see with ur girlfriends just makes u love being a woman!                                                                        

Sarah Olivia - Munk    
An true girl night in chick flick, Sexy, Funny, Enjoyable and one one you can watch over and over again!                                                            
Yvonne Ringler    
Sex and the City 2 was true to the show and that is why it kicked the ass of the first movie! The ladies are just as fabulous and funny as they were when the show stopped and the twist with Aiden's return was unexpected.  Kim Catrell is hilarious and was sure to get into trouble when traveling to a land of sexual restrictions. I loved the movie!                                                                                            
Rebecca Barnes    
An unashamedly tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted but reflective view into the developing lives of the four different but glamorous women whom we’ve come to know and love from TV!                                                                                

Louise Weston  
"Brilliant probably better than the first. All the girls were flawless, cant wait for number 3. I am women hear me roar!!"                                                                                            
Karen Ries    
4 overpaid actresses fleece the public with this tired old unfunny story                                                                

Salma Hussain 
Great girly, funny chick-flick!!                                                                                            

Gemma White  
I am the biggest fan of SATC!!! But i must admit i was disappointed with the film. I felt as though the characters friendship had been lost! :-( x                                                                                            

Sarah Everest  
The Sexy City girls are back in action once again! Sex, fashion and feminine frolicks! The dream movie for a Girls Night Out! ... LOVE!                                                                                            

Dani Banks    
A fabulous feel good film that brings a smile to the face of even the most sinical of romantics. Perfect night out for the girls and manageable for the dragged along boyfriends. Possibly lacking a more substantial story line but that can be overlooked for the fashion feast for the eyes and general feel good vibe provided.                                                                                            
Simeon Wadsworth    
Such a great film they are all great actors and i really want to watch it again                                                                            
Kerry Twiselton
Superb Awesome Tantalizing Comedy SATC                                                                                            

Lauren  Daly 
So amazing! best one so far. the outfits were breathe taking! girls are gorgeous and looking there best!                                                
Nicola Elliott    
One of the best films i have ever seen :)                                                                                            

Nicole Zoias    
Love the girls, love the fashion, love NYC.  However, a little disappointed the latter of these hardly featured in the movie!  Still well worth seeing, and lots of fun!       


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