Sex and the City 2 reviews

Sarah Drake    
The story line is a little thin, but this film is full of laughs, friendship, lovely clothes and gorgeous shoes. A must for a girlie night out

Alexandra Harvey    
Full of laughter but not as good as the first one. However, for those who enjoyed the SATC worth watching.

Nicola Coleman    
Shoes, shopping, sunshine and Smith. All this with our four favourite women, what more could you ask for! Great film for the girls.

Natalie Parry    
Glued to the screen, quirky, feel-good comedy with touching moments we can all relate to: a real girly must-see!

Emily Smith    
sex and the city 2 is a must see for all sex and the city fans and even if your not this film is amazing seeing some apperences from former sexy co stars

Clare Moloney    
Wow!!!! It was Hilarious ! It has all the great qualties of why girls love SATC as the  girls discuss there relationship problems but with lots of humour!  5 star's Here!. x

Lana Spence    
Hello I went to see sex and the city 2 last night and I thought it was fantastic! The plot was very exciting and dramatic and all the costumes really brought the film to life. I would go and see it again!

Jen Cherrett    
Loved the film - not so sure about some of the outfits!! fabulous shoes!! a great  girlie film though. dont really know why it has had so much bad press.

Caroline Lukehurst    

Amy Lloyd    
I am a fan not a critic so whilst it's not as good as the last it's laugh out loud funny in places and I lapped it all up!

Sandra Kenny    
It wasn't as good as the first but it was a joy to watch and wish it came back as a series

Harriet    Baker    
The film was brilliantly funny and light hearted with just the right amount of 'seriousness'. The fashion and soundtrack complimented the characters and the whole package was throughly enjoyable!!

Debbie Derbyshire    
OMG-fantastic film, laughed my through, especially some of the lines Samantha had ... brilliant ...

Amanda  Edgar    

Linda Bellini    
"It's amazing, I just loved it! I really enjoyed the story of all their live, especially Carrie and Mr Big! And as usual beautiful outfit!"

Tracy Jane Tolley    
Its like catching up with old friends!  There's fashion, drinking, men and dilemas.  Five star top choice viewing for any die hard fan.

Danielle Labrum-Eggleton    
It was absolutley fantastic.  I loved every second of it and did not want it to end.

Tina Lees    
Great to see the ladies, brands and clothes.  But one lady was missing - the fifth and most important.  New York City....

Hazel Roberts    
A sparkling, simmering romp in the desert for the fabulous four from NYC.

Michelle Rose    
This sequel is just as good, maybe even better than the first!! Love, Life and Laughter all mixed into one and the clothes are not too bad either!

Tracie Lee    
Nowhere near as good as the first film, it was boring in comparision. The highlights really was the clips.

Lucy Tang    
The fabulous four in high fashion and high heels, the film is a treat for all Sex and the City fans. A must see film to watch with your girlfriends!

Katie Hollis    
The second Sex and The City film was original and aloof yet containted too many tired  cliche jokes as well as turning the main character into somebody that watchers no longer like.

Lindsay  Emmerson
sex in the city 2 is the 3 f Fashion Friendship and Fun. Its what every woman should do once in life. get away from it all.

Jordan Winter    
A degenerate collection of second-hand gags and amateur direction, 'Sex and the City 2' is one of, if not, the worst film so far of 2010.

Manon Jones    
This film was amazing! The best film I have seen yet! Could not stop laughing! Worth the watch!

Pamela  Lewington    

Danielle Miller    
After loving the first film, I had high hopes for the second and counted down the  days till it came out, I was a little disappointed with the lack of relationship drama, the film seemed to lack substance, there were some hilarious bits, but overall the film was not a hit! This does not stop me loving sex and the city and I will be buying the film to complete my collection.

Helen Freeman    
"Absolutely fab!!  It lived up to every expectation! The film was really fun,  girly and the dresses were to die for!! This is the girly film to see this summer!"

Ruth Worthington    
I loved it.  I think if anyone takes it for what it is - pure fun - then they'll enjoy it, and Liza Minelli singing 'Single Ladies' was amazing!

Sam Birkett    
I loved loved loved the second film! Had I been drinking something, there were moments where it would have squirted out my nose, I laughed that hard! Want to see again!

Gillian Stapleton    
brilliant funny good

Lisa Lacey    
A humourous insight into wedded bliss, careers and motherhood from our girls! enjoyable chic flick if you are not a avid watcher but FANTASTIC if you are a fan!

Charmaine Hanna    
It was amazing and Kim Cattrall stole the show with her performance. One of the best chick flicks that has ever been made.

Stacey Cooper    
I went to the cinema on my own to watch this film.....well worth it though, smart, witty, fun and undoutbly a fab follow up to the first one x

Lindsey  Buckley    
Perfect girls night out film. Has everything you would want from the famous 4 :)

Maria Kuehn    
This excuse for a fashion show and a story line that was flimsier than Samantha's knickers managed to muster  two funny lines - all I mustered was a massive yawn.

Emma Farnan    
Absolutely Fabulous darling!! Full of amazing outfits and a brilliant story line whilst keeping the essence of the four girl's characters! Loved it xx

Lucy Ruby    
best yet, enough said!!

Gemma Avenell    
This film had it all-love, laughter, sex and tears. Love conquered all in the end and shows true love lasts.

Kirsty  Conder    
it was fab!

Carol Alexander    
Brilliant.......just what i hoped it would be, over the top everything!!!! Loved the song ladies.....

Kirsty White    
Hilarious, Sassy, Sexy and Down right FABULOUS!

Rebecca  Dunne    
"Amazing film, LOVED the beyonce dance at the wedding Absolutely brilliant"

Helen Dudley    
Loved it loved it loved it!! Thought it was better than 1st one, less serious with lot more humour. Innocent good fun that can watch over and over again! ;-))

Sharon Campbell    
Great to see all the characters evolving! It's true that friendships change over the years...but that doesn't mean they're any less important. The women are on top form...and BIG is as sexy as ever.  Even with his feet planted firmly on the sofa!  This film keeps the laughs coming from start to end.  Great soundtrack too!

Tamsyn Beale    
The best film of the year so far! The setting, the girls, the men, OMG the clothes!!.. All AMAZING!!! I want to go see it again!

Caren Griffith    
I did really enjoy the film , I have followed the girls since it first began , however i don't think they should do a 3rd film the girls are looking a bit to old ! (sorry !)

Jackie Cassidy    
A girly feast of fashion and friendship - it'll never make the list of classic movies, but for fans it's like putting on a favourite pair of Manolos.

Clare McDonald    
Dull, over long and over rated!!

Christine Roles    
"i love Sex in the City but this was a complete disappointment.  Fashion was great but that was about all.
It was like watching your best friend being butchered right in front of your eyes! Such a shame ... 2 out of 10"

Denise Davies    
It was brilliant, funny and very glam i would recomend people to see it, i loved it so much my husband is taking me again, cant wait for the dvd.                                                                                            

Steven Clelland
From a male perspective I can say that this heartfelt sequeI gets a thumbs up from me. It's a rollercoaster ride which draws to a perfect conclusion!"                                                                                

Amy Trundle    
The film was everything I hoped it would be and more, the clothes, shoes bags and the drama love love love it.!!                                                                                            
Matthew  Haskell    
Another great film meant to be for the girls but lots of guys will enjoy it!!                                                                           

Darshana Parmar    
Fabulous four play their roles fantastic! great movie, so much fashion love it! a great girls night out.                                                            
Leigh-Anne Strain    
IT WAS THE BEST FILM I HAVE SEEN THIS YEAR                                                                                            

Wendy Pay 

Peter McLaughlin    
Sorry, just not my cup of tea- guess that's a bloke thing..?!                                                                                    

Tracy Walker    
It was a great chic film with fashion,laughter, holiday romance and love. It was great. Lets have more.                                                        
Eric Wall    
Guys dont put up too much of a fight when your sig other drags you to this film. It has some of those sharp fuuny lines you'll want to repeat.                                                                                            

Jane Hynes    
A great feel good film, sexy, sensational and kept you laughing throughout with a warm feeling inside.                                                                                            
Tracey Roffey    
A great film, Great fashion, and great men..!!!! :P 

Cindy Seenath    
Fantastic - full of fun and flirtatiousl I absolutely enjoyed it and so did my husband!!!                                                                                        
Hayley Scruby    
Leave your men at home ladies....Wow, never been a SitC fan, would definately recommend for night out with girls!! Gorgeous men, beautiful clothes and some laughs in between!! 10/10                                                                

Suzanna Gentle  
This is a brilliant movie! Funny, fast paced and will keep you glued to the screen throughout!                                                                    
Julie Booth    
Sassy, sexy movie with great costumes, superb acting, and sets and clothes to die for.                                                                    
Shareen  Muir    
Gaynor Brown    
Oh my god what a fantastic film full of emotion and made me laugh and cry in the right places so worth the wait is as good as the trailers.
Amy Westwood    
I love the glamorous-ness to this film its fun and makes you want to move to a big city and shop shop shop!                                                                                            
Kirsty Langer    
Outfits galour,sand and much much more......cocktails and higheels every girl will adore!                                                                
Sarah Shemmans    
I enjoyed Sex and The City 2 it was funny in parts, and they didn't disappoint with the wardrobe, some of the girls outfits were simply fabulous!                                                                                            

Doriane  Hardy 
A feel good movie in which the girls take us to the Middle East for a new sparkling adventure: a lot of fun and glamour.                                                                                            
Joan Butcher    
It was good, funny,and light hearted. It lived up to the other film and stayed true to the series.                                                                                            
Pauline Crosby    
Great girls night out.Pure escapism!!!                                                                                            

Marie Hollingsworth  
Brilliant film classey,sexy,and funny, just what i expected and more                                                                                            
Zoe Parsons    
Scandalously glorious and funny to boot.  It made me re-cherish my girly friends and the relationship between us.  Brilliant :)                                                                                            
Julie Dawood    
Great film great actors. This film sound fantastic and great to watch, girlie night out. loads of friends. A good night for the ladies and loads of fun.                                                                                          


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