Sex and the City 2 reviews

Nicola Elliott    
One of the best films i have ever seem :)

Nicole Zoias    
Love the girls, love the fashion, love NYC.  However, a little disappointed the latter of these hardly featured in the movie!  Still well worth seeing, and lots of fun!

Alison Reid    
Pure fun, i wouldnt say its a must see, but if you are feeling a bit low it would ceertainly cheer you up

Sarah McAndrew    
This film was everything you would expect from these fabulous actresses, it was funny, clever and throughly entertaining. I would highly recommend watching it.

Lisa Cook    
Really fantastic film love the girls even more now i need to see it again im there biggest fan!!!!!!

Anjalina Sharma    
It was slightly dissapointing in terms of the story line, however the glamour was worth it. The girls made looking great in your forties so simple.

Linda Woolley    
Went to see this film on saturday night, thought it was hilarious and some fantastic settings supposedly Abu Dabbi, Jessica looked older in the face but the beautiful dresses and things all the girls got to wear were fantastic, a great film I definately recommend to be watched!

James Evans    
There fantastic best film ever

Susan Williams    
Good film

Chyna Lindfield    
No where near as good as the first one, had some really brilliant parts but most of it was quite predictable and a little cheesy. way to many clothes and nowhere near enough men!!

Joanne Cooper    
how funny is sex in the city 2 totally spellbounding!! so not in the real world which i love as who wants to be? love it

Juliette Morrison    
Enjoyed meeting up with old friends again and watching how their lives had changed. I laughed and cried.

Claudia  Cupid    
I love this movie! It's funny, it's deep, it's real! It satisfies on so many levels: the fashion, the scenery, the dialogue, the men! They've addresses real issues that real women deal with every day. They've even tried to address the issue of the treatment of women in the Middle East. This is the movie SJP, MPK and Candice Bushnell wanted to make, free of the yoke of the fashion glitterati so prominent in the first movie. SATC rules! Never PC, reflective of women's true feelings and ideals; bra-burners beware the growing pains of real life!

Kulwinder Lombardelli    
A great follow up to the original. Great to see the girls continuing to break the barriers whatever their age. Loved it

Val Bamber    
I loved the TV show but the girls have outstayed their welcome - the clothes seem to have become more important than the acting.

Beth Greig    
"What more could you want from Sex and the City 2 it has the glamour fab clothing and some great comedy moments I will be telling every female friend I have to go and see it. It was fab!"

Susan Langton    
The movie was a real treat for the eyes and verbal pallette...The girls were as magical as the first movie with glamour and a mix of the rough and tumble side as well..Go see it!

Ellie Daum    
Gorgeous girly fun!! Beautiful clothes, shoes, jewels...and men! Even my man giggled a couple of times! It SPARKLES!

Rayna Hardy    
Samantha just makes it worthwhile, i was actually crying with laughter just at her!

Shelby   Williams    
The Girls are back, but not as we know them.  Fashion, fun and frolics still but with some religious and 'beliefs' questions thrown in. Take them back to the City!

Deborah Baber-Taylor    
"amazing, very grown up, even had political undertones!- war in afganistan. on a lighter note fashion shoes divine, didnt even notice the 2 hours-music great, perhaps sex in the city 3 should be left a few years so the magic does not fade"

Charlie Harper    
I went with my mum and we sat there ohhhing and ahhing. With the amazing fashion SITC2 was even better that the first- something I didn't think possible.

Holly Johnston    
"i went to see the film with my best friend and it was amazing!! it gets you thinking about friendships and relationships and how much peple mean to you. i loved all the outfits and it give me ideas of what to wear when going out with the girlies!! i think i must of cried about 100 times as im an emotional wreck anyway due to being pregnant lol. the film was truley amazing and i could not fault any part of it,it was funny, romantic, emotional, happy, sad and worth every penny."

Cindy Dittrich    
I loved it. Pefect movie to start a girlie night out. The fashion was just outstanding.

Jo Woolford    
I thought sex in the city 2 was awesome it had everythink from cheese and class to making you laugh so much it hurts well worth seeing

Lauren Jane Morley    
the film was amazing i have never seen sjp look so lovely and i  recmend pepole should go and see it now.....

Sharon Mitchell
The film started off well, and then started to drag slightly as it reached the two hour point. Excitement resumed when Carrie met Aiden, but that left you flat as more was expected, but after stealing his kiss from Carrie, he disappeared like a thief in the night never to be heard from again.  The outfits were beautiful as always, Samantha didn’t disappoint with her sex craved antics and gave me a good chuckle when trying to escape Abi Dabi in disgrace. The best bit for me was when the girls sang on karaoke in the bar.  Overall I would give the film 7 out of 10 as I’m a real SATC fan.

Sophie Reed    
Sex and the City 2 is absoloutely amazing, I wish I could be on their holiday!

Jennie Jones    
I will only use one word to describe this film: Amazing!!

Jade Harper    
Absolutely Top notch!! Just wish Carrie forgot Big and went with Aiden! Love the other girls storylines, easy watching funny as ever.

Kelly Davis    
Absolutely fantastic

Marion Judd    
It is a great film i really love it. i watch it nearly every month and when i do i lay on the sofa watching it drinking a glass of wine and some chocolate.

Jose Luis Zambrano Navarro    
What it says on the tin. Very light entertainment, not much substance but FABULOUS!

Lucy Brimacombe    
well worth waiting for, really enjoyed it, Samanthas still fabulous

Mikaila Teare    
I loved the film!  It's not really what I would generally see but some girls from work asked me and I am so glad they did.  We all came out feeling happy and wanting to 'do lunch and shop for shoes'.  Great girls night out!!!

Chaz Panesar    
I thought it was hilarious! The outfits were amazing. It makes you want tp go shopping and go on a girly holiday

Samantha Robins    
Complete escapisim, fashion,love,sex friendship and laughter...seriously what's not to love !

Izzy Drake    
It's amazing! I thought the first one was good, but the second was more entertaining. I wish I was like Carrie and the girls, globetrotting to Saudi Arabia! Haha! Overall, a very enjoyable and funny film!

Samantha Thomlinson    
rather long and predictable. funny in places

Emma Towler    
I saw the movie on saturday.It made me laugh and cry poor charlotte hiding in the cupboard from the kids is real life!Shoes,Soundtrack and storylineall perfect!

Jodie Farmer    
"The film was great, best cinema experience of the year for me so far! Beautiful clothes, beautiful men and a genuine story line of friendship and the way life progresses. Really enjoyed seeing the snippets of the initial characters in comparison of how they have developed.  I have never watch a movie with so many other girls and no men in sight. After the film it was like a rehearsal of the Christmas boots advert ""here come the girls"" I think my boyfriend who picked me up was terrified. A very fun movie
: )"

Amy Clarke    
Absolutely amazing. Lived up to expectations. Cant wait fot the next one!

Kayleigh Aylott    
This film was brilliant i love all of the fashion and drama. i love how it keeps you intrested throughout!!

Malcolm Carrott    
Way too long, and inexplicably set in Dubai. Definitely one for girls only.

Sabrina Fancy    
Dissapointing-they girls seemed to have lost their sass and nobody except samantha was having sex! Although the outfits were fab!

Krishan Kapur    
Loved the outfits,however i dont think that the girls should have left new york as that is part of the appeal of the franchaise.

Colleen Whicker    
Visually a stunning film as I couldn't take my eyes off the clothes / shoes / accessories plus the magnificent city backdrop. Has the feel good factor.

Emily Omara    
SO FUN, so much fashion and fabulousness!

Nicki Cooper    
very clever and a very feel good movie. Liza minnelli was fantastic and made the movie with her screen presence.

Rico Mercato    
In 3 words, this movie was: inspirational, Hilarious and Fabulous.  Miss this movie and you've truly lost out.  The best film ever!

Zoe Hinwood    
Absolutely fabulous, must-see for any Sex and the City fan. Completely the opposite to the first film, this is an hilarious romp full of laugh out loud moments.

Georgina Molinaro    
Just as good as the first movie and the seris .. sam is amazing, on top form ,in fact the whole cast are fantastic! amazing film ... off to see it again tomorrow!

David Fuentes    
Beat the first film knickers down, with Miranda at the top of her game.

Kelly Padwick    
Perfect for a girls night out. You will go home very jealous fo the fab outfits! x

Debbie Grant    
"it was brilliant, and loved the bits where samantha is caught on the beach, and then in the souk with them attacking her bag. i was thinking big had dumped carrie and was so glad to see him give her that black diamond"

Sam Wood    
Great film, enjoyable to watch, aimed at a female audience,  a good amount of funny moments, while still maintaining the television feel to the film, can relate real life to the film.

Kelly Buckingham    
Fantastic film

Rhea Cartwright    
Fabulous Dahhhhhling. Fashion-filled with killer one liners and there were some new twists mixed in with the classic characters.

Karen Martin    
Escapism at its best but the girls are looking dare I say it,,,old!

Bob Southgate    
Rubbish - over rated !!

Helen Tripp    
I loved it! It was fantastic and very funny, was as good as the first movie!!

Laura Johnson    
I went to see sex and the city 2 on sat evening i thought the film was brilliant it was funny packed with gorgeous fashions heartwarming and brilliant to see the girls together again an excellent film loved the first and this one was even better in a word FABULOUS xxx

Heidi Hughes    
sex and the city 2 was a brillant film which was fun to watch from the begining to the end. I would recommend this film to all women and men it was a great film and everyone looked fantastic i give this film top marks go see it !

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