Felix's Story

On February the 14th 2009, aged just 4, Felix White was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a particularly rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. The tumour started on the adrenal gland in his abdomen, and spread to his skull, spine and bone marrow.

Over the next year Felix completed 17 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery which removed 100% of the remaining tumour, radiotherapy to target the spread areas & bone marrow transplant. In May 2010 more treatment followed with breakthrough antibody treatment in Germany.  After three rounds of treatment, Felix was given the all clear.

Throughout Felix took all this treatment in his stride. He showed amazing spirit and energy, started school, played football, went on his favourite 'secret path' walks many times and had a great time with his identical twin brother Elliot and big sister Grace. Our little boy stayed so trusting and happy, seamlessly moving from hospitals to home, needles to ninja- never ever once questioning ‘why me’ or feeling sorry for himself

In January 2011 it was discovered that Felix had relapsed in his lung & spine.  More surgery and chemotherapy followed, with Felix’s parents deciding the best hope for him was specialised treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the US.  After the first cycle of treatment a brain tumour was discovered and operated on.  In May of this year he had further surgery to remove tumours in his lungs & pancreas.

Whilst recovering from surgery and waiting to start the next stage of Neuroblastoma treatment, Felix developed a slight cough, which progressed into a severe case of pneumonia.

His spirit was strong, but the treatment had taken its toll on his immune system and he just didn't have any more strength to fight it.  Felix battled for two and a half years, but sadly passed away on August 23rd this year. His Mum, Dad, gorgeous sister and brother were at his bedside.  His Mum said 'His Jedi powers are needed somewhere else in the Universe now'.