A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

Our Fundraising Pack is full of ideas on how you can fundraise for Have a Heart, but if you need even more inspiration here's an A to Z of even more ideas...


Afternoon Tea- You can hold an afternoon tea at you or a friend’s house.  Ask guests to pay an entry fee to cover tea and coffee costs and a donation to Have a Heart.  You can also ask them to make a donation for each slice of cake or any biscuits they eat.

Arts and Crafts Hour- Get creative with friends and family and host a craft hour. You could paint mugs, all stitch a patch onto a patch work or make a photo album and give them as gifts. The money you save could go towards your fundraising.


Book sales - Get all your friends and relatives to clear out their book shelves and donate the books to you to sell. You can sell these online, to friends or at work to your colleagues.

Babysitting – Offer your services to friends and neighbours and then donate your earnings to us.


Cake bake – Invite your neighbours round or do this at work (always popular with colleagues).  Bake a few cakes and sell each slice or cake for a £1.

Children's fun hour - Parents pay for children to take part.  Arrange entertainment, face painting, races etc.


Doughnut Eating- Get friends and family to try and eat a jam doughnut without licking their lips.

Dog walking – Offer you services to your friends, family and neighbours for an hour and ask them to pay you for your time.


Egg and spoon race- If you have a spare hour and fancy a bit of fun why not ask friends and family to enter an egg and sppon race.

Eat – Pick a food – burgers, beans, etc and set an eating challenge!  Why not see how many you can eat in one minute.  Ask people to sponsor you – you might even break a world record!


Fun runs – If you normally go for an hours run to keep fit why not ask friends and family to sponsor you to wear fancy dress.


Guessing Game – get a jar and fill with red heart coloured sweets or heart shaped jellies and charge people a £1 to guess how many sweets there are.  The closest guess wins the jar!

Give As You Earn (GAYE) – you can donate a portion of your wages to Have a Heart each month, and because the donation is taken from your pay before tax, it actually costs you less.  The more you give, the more tax you save!  Speak to your employers HR department for more information.


Haribo eating competition- How many fried eggs or gummy bears can you chew and eat in 30 seconds? Make a sweep stake for your fundraising.

Head shave – If you or someone you know if brave enough to shave their hair, ask people to sponsor generously!


Indoor games- Pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and pass the parcel are all fun games you could play in an hour. As for donations to enter!


Joke-a-thon – If you have a great sense of humour, why not sell your jokes and help Have a Heart?  Charge £1 a joke with a money back guarantee that you’ll make them laugh.  Invest in a joke book for some tips.


Keepy uppy competition- If you are good at football why not show off your skills against your friends and host a keepy uppy competition.


Limbo competition – this could work well at an event or an evening out with friends.  Charge people to enter and the person who can limbo the lowest wins!

Litter picking people will be very willing to pay you if you're cleaning up a local park, beach or kids' playground.  This is a way to help your local community while raising money for yourself, so everyone's a winner.


Master classes - are you good at something? Why not organise a one hours small class to show other people how to do it? Charge people a fee.

Marshmellow eating competition- Host a competition to see who can fit the most marshmellows in there mouth at one time.


Nearly new sale – the ‘posher’ lunchtime jumble sale.  Be selective over what you sell, only pick items that are nearly new and in great condition and you should be set to raise lots of money.


Office collection – hold a collection for Have a Heart around your office with notices telling people who you are raising the money for.


Pancake party – Invite people round for a pancake party.  Charge a small fee for your pancakes and have a pancake flipping competition.

Penny race- Who can roll a penny the furthest? Find out and host a penny race.


Quit something- Doesn't have to be just for an hour... the longer the better in return for sponsorship.


Raffle off your lunch break- Host a raffle at work to offer to help a colleague with their errands in your lunch break. Pick up their dry cleaning, go to the post office or get their lunch for them all in return for a donation.


Sweepstakes- there are so many events you can run a sweepstake on. Maybe see what sport or programmes your colleagues or friends like.


Tuck shop – set up a retro tuck shop at work, and you can chocolates and crisps to your work mates.  Just make sure you sell at a higher price then you paid for the treats!  Or you can sell home-made cakes and cookies too if you've got time to bake them.


Unwanted Gift Sale – ask your friends if they have any unwanted gifts they could donate to you.


Video naming – see who can name the most films with 'hour' in the title. Ask people to pay to enter.


Window clean- see how many windows you can clean at work or home in an hour in return for donations. Be careful though if you choose to use do second storey windows!


X-Factor Sweepstake- Host a quick sweepstake at work or school.


Yes day - say yes to everyone's demands (within reason!) and ask people to sponsor you to do so.

Yo-Yo challenge - get sponsored for how many minutes you can keep a yo-yo going!


Zany dress say – charge people at work or school to come in fancy or zany dress for an hour or a day.

Zany events - the list is endless ... throw a custard pie at your manager, eat jelly with chopsticks, greatest number of malteasers in a mouth. People can get sponsored or pay to enter.


If you come up with your any idea why not TELL US and we'll share it with other Heart listeners to raise even more money!