Get your company involved!

Companies working with Have a Heart enjoy a whole host of business benefits and your company can too!

Our Corporate Fundraising Team are experienced in developing strategic, 360 degree partnerships that provide long-lasting legacies for both the charity and the corporate supporter. This can range from employee engagement and retention to PR, increased sales to positive brand image and access to our special events and challenges.

If you would like to get your company involved please contact

There are many ways your company can support Have a Heart:

Charity of the Year
Our Corporate Fundraising Team will work closely with you to develop a strategic programme pack full of mutually beneficial activities that raise funds but also engage your staff.

Employee Fundraising
Everyone knows employees are the backbone of any company so by supporting your staff in charitable activities you can develop a loyal and happy workforce. Whether it’s volunteering opportunities, challenges or fundraising events you’re interested in, Have a Heart can help!

Cause Related Marketing
Have a Heart is experienced in helping you increase sales whilst also raising funds for the cause. Research from Business in the Community (2004) found that 48% of consumers asked would switch brands if a charity was benefiting from their purchase.

Your Company can receive fantastic brand exposure in front of VIPs, celebrities and other Have a Heart supporters.

Beneficiary Event
Choosing Have a Heart as a beneficiary for your event not only gives you access to our experienced Events and Relationship Managers but also help from our biggest supporters; Heart FM.

Gift in Kind
By donating products or services your company can help our charity greatly. We’re always looking for amazing auction and raffle prizes and ways to be as efficient as possible. If you think you might have something to offer Have a Heart, please contact